Children’s Meditation Workshops

How to Teach Children Meditation:
Workshops Levels 1 & 2

Level 1- Connected Kids™ –
Mindfulness and Meditation for Children

Teach kids or teens meditation and mindfulness…

This inspiring and interactive 1-day workshop will help you teach your children how to relax, feel calm and centered with mindfulness and meditation.
It will teach your children how to develop their creativity, emotional intelligence and self-esteem. The course is suitable for any level of experience or ability whether you are a parent, professional, educator or a career. It is a helpful introduction to taking mindfulness and meditation into schools.

This course is based on the internationally bestselling book Calm Kids by Lorraine Murray.

Connected Kids™ Program – level 1

This course will help you:-
• Understand how stress affects the mind, body and emotions
• Learn how meditation can bring children benefits for stress symptoms
• Understand the benefits to children of learning meditation
• Understand what meditation is why mindfulness matters
• Knowing the most appropriate levels of meditation to use with children of various abilities
• Learn how to set up a meditation space suitable for children (from toddlers + to teens)
• Understand the basic differences in teaching children meditation of different ages
• Through Self Awareness and its role in teaching meditation
• Develop a written meditation script for use with children
• Learn and practice delivering meditations for children
• Have an awareness of how to help children meditate for their long term health and wellbeing (and the benefits to siblings/family members too)
• Help with meditations for children with ADHD or autism.
• Bring mindfulness into schools

The course cost includes:
• full day of training
• further online training support to aid home practice
• A copy of the Lorraine Murray’s published book ‘Calm Kids – Help Children Relax with mindful activities’
• A certificate of attendance
• follow up support by email/telephone

Level 1 is $295

Level 2-Connected Kids™ – Mindfulness and Meditation for Children

How to teach kids with additional support needs (level 2)

This professional 2-day course provides the advanced information and skills necessary to deliver bespoke meditations and mindful activities to children of all ages (toddlers to teens) and of all abilities.

The teach meditation to kids course teaches you how to establish a practice of meditation sessions for children in your community – schools, local youth groups, privately and is ideal for those already (or looking to work) with children in this capacity eg, school teachers, learning assistants, therapists, yoga teachers.

The course will give you an advanced perspective and experience of teaching meditation for the purpose of relaxation, reducing stress and empowering children with meditation techniques to help them to develop their creativity, emotional intelligence, self esteem and remain calm in moments of high stress.

What you will learn on the Connected Kids™ Program – level 2

• Understand the broad range of meditation techniques available and how to apply these to different settings/age groups
• Learn how to professionally set up a meditation environment suitable for children – on a 121 or group basis
• Understand how to work with children who are ADHD or on the Autistic spectrum
• Learn how to support the families of those with children who are ADHD or on the Autistic spectrum
• Learn how to write meditations with children in different age groups (under 6’s, 7 to 12, 13+)
• Practice meditation delivery with different timescales (1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute sessions)
• Learn different methods of using the breath in meditation with children
• Learn how to further develop self awareness to strengthen their teaching meditation skills
• Learn how to use specific props to support meditation practice (mandalas, mudras, crystals/stones, color, day-to-day objects)
• Understand the energy centers and how they apply to meditation
• Appreciate the importance of grounding techniques in meditation and how to apply them to children
• Follow a code of ethics when teaching meditation to children
• Learn about contraindications to teaching meditation to children
• Understand how to cope with strong energy reactions to meditation
• Know how to market and promote their meditation practice
• Aware of the required professional conduct when teaching meditation to children

This is a two day –  Level 1 is a pre-requisite to this course – which you can attend in person or take online.

Level 2 is $695

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