Special Needs Testimonials

Dodi has been treating my son, who has autism, for 3 years.  Recently he has been on a new treatment protocol.  This protocol makes him feel nauseous, agitated, and anxious.  Reiki treatments with Dodi have become part of his weekly routine.  The treatments calm and sooth him.  He may walk in to the session very agitated and anxious, but after about 15 minutes he starts to calm down and soaks in the energy. 

He is always happy to jump on the treatment table!  He knows the Reiki helps him.  We are extremely grateful for Dodi’s connection with our son and his connection with her.  Sincerely, LR

My son, K, suffers from Autism, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Through Crystal bed therapy, Reiki and Meditation provided by Dodi, he has been able to relax and better cope with issues that plague him on a daily basis. K says he feels ‘refreshed and renewed’ when finished with his sessions, and we can see the difference it has made in his life.

Crystal Bed Healing has proven to make a remarkable difference in T’s quality of life. Here are some of the things that we have noticed.

T has been receiving Crystal Bed Therapy weekly for nine months. Crystal Bed Therapy has made a direct positive impact on his quality of life, T is better prepared to handle unexpected changes to established plans, he is better able to cope with his day to day anxiety, and tends to have fewer outbursts. T has been more energized, able to focus better, and has a better sense of overall well-being. We have noticed that when a session or two is skipped, there is a notable increase in his anxiety.

This calmer state of mind may have contributed to the improvement in his insulin level that we have been monitoring for years, as well as his overall health, for example, T now has normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels.

From a Social aspect, T is now more comfortable opening up when talking to friends, family, and people in general.

Crystal Bed Therapy does not have the side effects that accompany most conventional medications. T is already on two other medications and deals with the side effects from these medicines. -L

I am a basketball coach for Special Olympics and coached a team competing at National levels this summer. One of the players on that National team is a young man whose challenges include anxiety, which can be extreme, during times of stress and excitement. His anxiety often kept him from being able to stay on the basketball court during practice and from participating in other team activities. Several months prior to the competitions, he began having regular Reiki sessions and Meditation sessions with Dodi, to reduce his anxiety and give him tools for managing stress. I began to notice quite a positive change in him during that time. He mentioned he was really enjoying the Reiki sessions. He also said he was feeling less anxious and more aware of when his anxiety was starting to build and was using breathing and other techniques he’d been taught in meditation to stay calm. During our trip to National Games, there were many stressful moments to manage: 70,000 fans in the stands, 90+ degree heat, and long, tiring days took their toll on everyone, and at one point he wasn’t sure he could go forward with the competition. I reminded him to breathe. Immediately he started his breathing exercises and a sense of calmness and wellness came over him. He was absorbing the wonderful experience instead of dreading it. Before every potentially stressful experience that followed, this young man would use the tools that were taught to him so he could enjoy his time there. In the end, at USA Games, he and his team brought home a “Gold” medal and he was one of the top scorers of the USA team. -Diane

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